Connecting back to VIT by Alma Mater!!!

Alumni of VIT 1996 BE Instrumentation and Control Engineering have funded two research Projects: "IOT based Crop Management System for Farmer" and "IOT based SMART Medical Jacket with Energy Harvesting"

Mr. Vaibhav Joshi, Mr. Sachin Depdhar, Mr. Rajesh Iyer, Mr. Mandar Karandikar, Mr. Ashish Rane, Mr. Sudhindra Rao, Mr. Ambar Rasal have come forward to fund projects worth Rs. 1 Lakhs. Not only funding these alumni has taken initiative of mentoring the budding engineers. All from different countries have made it possible through SKYPE, Facebook and WhatsApp. Collectively we are aiming at launching a product through startup by the students. Topics are jointly finalized to serve the society. Prof. (Dr.) Manisha Mhetre, Alumni Coordinator of the College, is looking after this activity.

Students from B.Tech and M.Tech Instrumentation and Control have form WhatsApp group with the 1996 Alumni for guiding the projects.

Department of Instrumentation Engineering is grateful to the Alumni of 1996 with a special thanks to Mr. Vaibhav Joshi who had initiated this concept and connecting back to VIT. This group has proved that being far from country is not a barrier, we can still be connected.

This makes Department of Instrumentation Engineering, VIT, Pune very proud of them.