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Consulting with Investronaut, a Vishwakarma Group Initiative

Investronaut is in the business of building ‘sustainable and scalable’ businesses in the market place.

Organisations big and small face critical business issues everyday. Investronaut was founded with a very powerful purpose which is to enable small, medium and startup organizations reach their business potential.

Under the visionary guidance and mentorship of the Board of Directors, Investronaut has helped business’ organize themselves to push boundaries and put into place new and better business practices.

Investronaut works with a companies to correctly assess the viability of the value proposition. Processes are optimized to drive business outcomes. The entire organization is aligned to performance objectives. Investronaut ensures that it is easy to execute and engage the client’s employees in planning and delivery on the jointly set actionables. If required Investronaut ensures that the business is in a position to attract funding to drive the organization to scalability.

Today Investronaut is a mentor-driven team of efficient & dynamic people and is associated with a highly timely and quality delivery.